About Me

My painting expresses love of the life given. The gift of sight is a miracle we don’t often appreciate. As my good friend and fellow artist Jeff Miller founder of www.lookseepaint.com says: “How often do we wake up in the morning and on opening our eyes think "God I can see therefore I am alive!"”.

I found my soul again in painting. It was a gift given to me where I can express my thanksgiving for life and creation and reverence of nature.

I am a Registered Nurse working in a birthing unit in Toronto and also Bracebridge, Ontario. Nursing is an art in itself and bringing new life into the world is my specialty. I had “time off” work for breast cancer treatments. It was also a very dark time in my life as my Mother was dying. I really had to consider what life was all about. After the rigours of radiation and chemo treatments I found my soul again in painting; finding my inner self and focusing on the joys in life. I love colours and movement. I had a wonderful art instructor Claudia McCabe who taught not so much technique and not to worry about the end result but to enjoy the process and like most journeys (things) in life if you enjoy it and be guided by the Spirit within; the end result will be a success.

Claudia encouraged us to form our own group of artists. We are called the School House Group of Artists, painting in a lovely renovated old school house in Lemmonville Community center (just north of Stouffville). The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville supports our Annual show in October. We learn and share and have workshops together once a week. This is my “me” time and I make it a priority for my own health.

I am also a member of the Huntsville Art Crowd, H.A.C.; and Muskoka Arts & Crafts, M.A.C.. My husband Max and I live on a farm with 90 acres. We are 14 miles west of Algonguin Park which inspired many of The Group Of Seven painters.

Daisy My studio is part of our turn of the century farm house where I display my watercolour and acrylic paintings framed and unframed. The farm house is an ongoing renovation project. An added joy are the barn animals. Daisy the donkey who protects our sheep from wolves and other predators as we are on the edge of wilderness. Studio visits are by appointment only. Nearby Deerhurst Inn has had occasional Muskoka studio tours and bus tours arranged through H.A.C. to visit clusters of studios in the area.

Maple Syrup In spring we anticipate the birth of new lambs. We also look forward to collecting sap from the hardwood forest to make maple syrup.


Another group of interest, Jean's Marines, is a running/walking group where I completed the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington D.C. Much I learned about life’s journey.

Also, Worker Sisters and Brothers Of The Holy Spirit, a covenant community where we share and grow in spiritual growth in community.

Life is good! I began painting for myself and my own health but a painting like life and love is never complete until it is shared.